Christmas Pizza Party

The Bible House construction crew were treated to a delightful Christmas feast of pizza and watermelon.  Supporting a local entrepenuer, the party was catered by a local woman who has recently started up a pizza business to earn some extra money.
The Roofline Points Heavenward

  • With some of the metalwork in place, the shape of the roof is becoming apparent.
  • A ramp has been built to move material and people to the top more easily.
  • The colour of the roofing has been chosen -- a rich bright green.


Mid-November 2018
Much has been accomplished in the past few weeks.

  • Walls have been constructed
  • Brickwork has been completed
  • Front entrance is taking shape
  • Doors and windows have been framed.

Pastor Touka is looking quite pleased.

Placing the First Bricks
Starting to build the walls, one brick at a time, Mr. Oumarou gives the honour of placing the first bricks to Pastor Touka and Pastor Federwitz.
Pillars, True and Plumb
Martin Weber eyes up the pillar along with the rest of the group, certain that it is straight and strong.
Visualizing the Building's Use
Sharing the Exciting Progress
Pastor Touka describes the work which will go on in the side rooms surrounding the central main hall.
Missionary/Translator Martin Weber (left), Rev. Touka Daniel,  EELC Director of Translation and Literacy (centre right), and Mr. Oumarou, Construction Supervisor (right) welcome Rev. David Federwitz, LBTC/LBT-US Regional Director (centre left) and share with him the progress being made on the Bible House. 

Building on the Solid Foundation

  • Scaffolding begins to rise above the foundation
    • Rebar is put in place and forms are built.
      • Concrete is mixed (mostly by hand) and poured.
        • Voila!  There are pillars that establish the corners and support

A Solid Foundation

With the foundation poured and the footings set in place, we can begin to see the shape of the building.  The octagonal central area is surrounded by offices and work areas.
Brick making
Using local material
Result:  A Red Sea of Bricks
Beginning with local material of this deep and rich red colour...
Placed into this noisy brick making machine by the shovel-full by a crew of dedicated workers...
Resulted in this massive amount of bricks, neatly stacked, curing and drying in the sun, and soon ready to make up the walls of the Bible House!

Our Newest Project: The Bible House

This centre for ​both Bible translation and literacy training will be built on the grounds of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Cameroon (EELC) in Ngaoundere, Cameroon. We have acquired the land and are preparing to break ground soon.

​The unique ​octagonal shape was thought to be the best possible configuration. It is hoped that the Bible House will be a contribution to the Cameroonian Lutheran church and the translation teams that will be in service for many years.

Upon completion the building will house 4-6 translation projects simultaneously, allowing for each to enjoy dedicated work space, and to share resources with the others.

Contributions to the Bible House an be made through ​Canada Helps,​ or directly with the LBTC Home Office: tara@lbtc.ca; 519-742-3361, or at lbtc.ca

A glimpse of the future site of the LBTC/EELC Bible House
in Cameroon

Dr. James Keller, LBTC's former Execuative Director, is joined by Rev Touka Daniel (centre) representing the EELC, and Martin Weber (left), longtime LBTC missionary, on the newly cleared grounds of the Ngaoundere Bible House. The foundation is scheduled to be poured soon. Please keep the project in your prayers.