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What's New at LBTC?

Rev. Mike and Kara Kuhn, along with their sons Tobias and Gideon, returned to Canada in August 2014. Kara was expecting the couple’s third child, and Gloria Joy was born on October 1st. Mother and daughter are doing well. Thank you for your prayers. The Kuhns will now be on education furlough for the next 12-18 months. They are available for speaking engagements in the New Year. Please call 519-742-3361, or email for more information.

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Lutheran Bible Translators of Canada

Lutheran Bible Translators of Canada Inc (LBTC) was incorporated in 1974 when Canadian Lutherans recognized a growing interest for supporting Bible translation work.

At that time, two Canadian missionary couples had already joined Wycliffe Bible Translators through a partnership with Lutheran Bible Translators in the USA (LBT US). For the purposes of future recruitment and to serve Canadian supporters, LBTC was formed working in a joint agreement with LBT US and Wycliffe Bible Translators.

LBTC also works closely in ministry with the Lutheran Church bodies in Canada. This connection allows LBTC to provide a cooperative role in conjunction with overseas Lutheran Church bodies that are linked through various associations with these Canadian Lutheran Church bodies.

Learn more about the relationships LBTC has with partner organizations.

Lutheran Bible Translators serves directly by sending its trained translators to many African countries. It also works with associate missionaries in other countries around the world. Learn more about the international operations of LBT.


In 1982, LBTC placed its first missionary team, Martin and Joan Weber, in Cameroon. They completed the Kwanja New Testament in 2006 and continue working in Yimbéré, Cameroon developing literacy programs and translating portions of the Old Testament. LBTC has had a long time working relationship in Cameroon. Read more information about LBTC work in Cameroon.

In 2011, Lutheran Bible Translators of Canada welcomed Eshinee and Rob Veith in April and Rev Mike and Kara Kuhn in November as missionaries. As well, Kpengapse Aubert and the Doowaayo Language Project with the Lutheran Church of Cameroon entered into a joint agreement with LBTC. We praise God for this tremendous growth and pray that opportunities in God's kingdom might continue to open up for this very blessed organization.

This work is only possible because of God who sends LBTC workers, prayer partners, volunteers and financial supporters. More information about LBTC’s mission and work.

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