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Christmas Greetings ​for 2019

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O Holy Child of Bethlehem, descend to us we pray.
Cast out our sin and enter in. Be born in us today.
We hear the Christmas angels, their great glad tidings tell.
O come to us, abide with us, our Lord, Emmanuel.

In this LBTC Christmas greeting I encourage you to pray those beautiful, powerful words of verse 4 of O Little Town of Bethlehem.  And as you pray consider that you are asking Jesus to come to you.  We recognize that He isn’t in Bethlehem any longer.  He isn’t a cute little newborn.  He is the God-Man Jesus Christ who from that Bethlehem manger brought His Kingdom to His people through His preaching, through His miracles, but ultimately through His suffering and death on the cross.  And then even greater still, through His resurrection from the dead.  Jesus is the King of kings who reigns at the right hand of God the Father Almighty and who is coming to judge the living and the dead.

Since He is the Holy and Righteous Judge, our sin must be gone before He can come to us and abide with us.  So we pray that He would cast out our sin, forgiving us our sins by applying His death to our account, by covering us with His perfection, by applying His shed blood to our sinful souls and bodies, making us His holy people.

Only then can He respond to our prayer and be born in us and abide with us as our Lord.  And be our Immanuel.   Immanuel–God with us!

In praying this Christmas carol prayer, hear again the angel telling the shepherds that good news of great joy.  That news is for all the people, for all the world.  But the angel narrows the focus, personalizes the message – for the shepherds and for us today.  He says, For unto YOU, shepherds of Bethlehem...  And then to us this Christmas He says, For unto YOU, people gathered in your churches, gathered around your family tables praying before your Christmas feasts, gathered singing this beautiful carol’s prayer...  For unto YOU personally, individually, is born the Saviour who is Christ the Lord!

Missionary/Translator Martin Weber (LBTC) and Pastor Touka Daniel (EELC) are currently working on assembling and training new teams of translators and revisers from among the Dowayo people. More key Old Testament Scriptures are being translated and revised so Dowayo people can hear accurately, clearly, and naturally more of what God has to say to them.

​Please keep praying for those who are hearing God's Word of Life and for those working on translating that Word into the Dowayo language.

Dowayo Translation Project

Look at the joyful faces of those who are hearing God's Holy Word in their own language!  Many of the Dowayo people are receiving that precious gift for the first time as Lutheran Bible Translators of Canada in conjunction with the Eglise Evangelique Lutherienne du Cameroun are presenting them with audio recordings of the entire New Testament, recorded by Faith Comes by Hearing.
New Executive Director
Rev. Ron Mohr
Pastor Mohr was installed as the new Executive Director of LBTC on November 18, 2018 at Historic St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Kitchener, Ontario.

Pictured below, Pastor Mohr is surrounded by LBTC Board of Directors and LCC East District Clergy.
Rev. Paul Zabel, LCC East District President, led the Rite of Installation and served as preacher for the service.  Rev. Timothy Schneider (Pastor Mohr's son-in-law) served as liturgist.  Pictured above left.

The service was rich with music as Pastor Mohr and his wife, Karen, shared two duets and their daughter, Kristin Schneider, served as organist.

A highlight of the day was reading the Scriptures via video.  The lectors were Rev. Mike Kuhn (LBTC Missionary/Translator in Galim, Cameroon), Rev. Touka Daniel ( Director of Translation and Literacy, Evangelical Lutheran Church of Cameroon), and Rev. David Federwitz (LBTC Regional Supercisor).

Several people brought greetings including Martin & Joan Weber (LBTC Missionaries/Translators in Ngaoundere, Cameroon, via video), Tim Kuhl (LBYC Board Chair, pictured above right), and Mike Rodewald, Executive Director, LBT US).
We're Building a Bible House!
It has begun.....
Martin and Joan Weber are very excited to witness the blessing of the Bible House build. Over 4000 bricks have been made and the footings are being put in. The Bible House in Ngaundere Cameroon is scheduled to be completed in the spring of 2019! 

I thank the Lord each day for the missionaries and helpers who work to make this possible!   Tim Kuhl -Chair LBTC Board of Directors. 



This Just In...
Rev Mike introduces work has begun on Nizaa Literacy Centre in Galim, Cameroon!
The soon-to-be-completed building in Galim will serve as much-needed space for translation work, as well as a community meeting place for church activities and other events. ​For more information, click the arrow to view a short video on the building and its uses. 

What is LBTC?

conducts linguistic research, translates the Bible, facilitates literacy,  and promotes Scripture use
trains indigenous people, cooperates with local governments, educators, national church leaders and local communities
involves Lutherans in Canada and elsewhere in building awareness through recruitment and by seeking partnerships for prayer, encouragement and financial support
We translate the Word of God into the languages of the heart around the world.
​Lutheran Bible Translators of Canada (LBTC) believes that no language or cultural barrier should prevent people from having access to the Holy Word of God. For this reason, LBTC works closely with Lutheran church bodies and Bible translation organizations around the world. With the help of God, we strive to translate the Bible into the heart languages of the world so that every person has the opportunity to read, hear, and understand the Good News of Jesus Christ.

The Mission of Lutheran Bible Translators of Canada is to help bring people to faith in Jesus Christ by making the Word of God available to those who do not yet have it in the language of their hearts.

To carry out this mission, Lutheran Bible Translators of Canada
conducts linguistic research
​translates the Bible
​facilitates literacy
promotes Scripture use
​trains ​indigenous people
​cooperates ​with local governments and educators, national church leaders and the local community
involves ​Lutherans in Canada in building awareness through recruitment and by seeking partnerships for prayer, financial support, and encouragement. ​LBTC Mission Statement
Other Memberships
Church Affiliations
CLAIM - ​​LBTC is a member of CLAIM (Canadian Lutheran Agencies in Mission), an association of Lutheran mission organizations that work together in partnership with Lutheran Church - Canada to reach out to our neighbourhoods,  to our country of Canada, and to the world. ​
CCCC ​- LBTC is a member of the Canadian Council of Christian Charities (CCCC), an organization that serves Christian charities and the public by integrating spiritual concerns of ministry ministry with practical aspects of management, stewardship, an accountability.
LBTC has a joint agreement with Lutheran Bible Translators (LBT) USA of Concordia, MO. We are committed to the same purpose of helping to bring people to faith in Jesus Christ, especially through Bible translation and literacy work.
LBTC has also been granted a "Designation as Associated Charity" with Wycliffe Bible Translators (WBT) by Revenue Canada.
LBTC also recommends the Canadian Institute of Linguistics (CANIL) for those preparing for mission work in Bible translation and literacy.
LBTC is recognized as a Listed Service Organization (LSO) by Lutheran Church - Canada (LCC), a Memorandum of Understanding with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada, and a cooperative relationship with the North American Luther Church (NALC), and the Canadian Association of Lutheran  Churches (CALC). LBTC is thankful for these relationships, but remains an independent Christian organization and does not receive funding directly from national, synod, or district church office. 
Why do we do this? The need for Bible translation is great​.
Bible translation is far from complete. The world contains nearly 7,000 languages, and at present roughly 1/3 of those (representing around 300,000,000 persons) still have not one word of Bible in their own language.

The following data help put this into perspective:

​7 Billion - current world population
​7,000+ - ​languages spoken in the world (SIL Ethnologue)
2,479 - ​languages that have no translated Bible
​~550 ​- languages that have a complete translated Bible
​~1,300 ​- languages that have a complete New Testament
​~800 ​- languages with only a portion of the BIble
​180,000,000 ​- persons that have no translated Bible in their heart language